Access to parking at Wairoa River take-out

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Joe Anderson from the Kaimai Canoe Club reports that at a recent meeting with BOP district council, Transit nz, the power company and residents of Ruahini Road (thats the road opposite the power station at the take-out). He says the residents have asked Tran nz to fence the road side area on the Ruahini Road side to prevent us parking there and blocking their line of sight as they attempt to cross the intersection at the very dangerous main road. They have also asked the power company to block our access through the power companys land.
Both these requests have been agreed to but no time line has been stated.
On the plus side BOPDC are in the process of purchasing parking rights for us in the bottom paddock again but this could take some time. In the mean time can we all park (on the grass) on the power house side of the road but well away from the yellow dotted line that runs along that side. If we don't park responsibly we risk speeding up the negative side of these changes before the paddock is available again.