Ngaruroro River usage - please share your stories

I am trying to find out a bit about how often the Ngaruroro river in Hawkes Bay gets used by paddlers and when. So I would be grateful if you have paddled it (any of the sections) if you could post a reply on here, or drop me a line at info(@t)

I am interested in things like;
When you went, and which section.
What the river level was.
Your thoughts about the paddle - what attracted you to it, and your experience of the river.
Anything else that is special about it.

Many thanks
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Anybody paddling it labour Weekend 2013?
We're looking a putting on 1 x raft and 1 kayak Saturday

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Hey Gwyn
Its Taylor here.
I have kayaked it 3 times now, every time it has been pretty low and the most recent time being with Fish and Game to get the WCO. It was really nice, and a lot better in a two day mission. with a really nice place to camp just after barrier falls on the river right.