I guess someone has to be the first to ask
Does anyone out there know or like to hazard a guess at the chances of Whakapapa release going ahead on Saturday

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The release has been officially cancelled. Due to low water and no rain overnight.

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Thanks Mike, I'll save this info for future flows

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Here are some tips for estimating whether it will go ahead or not.
It needs to rain in the 24 hours before the release. Ideally you want a warm, wet nor’westerly. Look at the weather forecast - the Whakapapa skifield forecast is helpful because snow melt can really help at this time of the year.
Ring 07 386 8113 and listen to the flow in the Wairehu canal. This includes the water diverted from the Whakapapa River and can help you make a rough estimate of what flow would be in the river and also see if it's rising or dropping over time.

It's not looking very likely for this weekend, with no rainfall predicted for today and tomorrow.