Log In Waihohonu River

We paddled the Waihohonu today. Be aware there is a log at water level below the pour over drop just past the long rapid with the bouncy tree (now gone since the last flood) in it, Bout ten minutes from the put in at the main road bridge. We have connected a rope and pulled it tight to a tree well above river level so that it is obvous that there is something in the river. We wern't able to shift the log but with a good saw and a lower flow I think it would be easy to cut out.Portage on river right.
On another note I lost my gopro camera on the river but not the casing. While upside down it took a knock and popped the latch. Has this happened to anyone else?

Craig Peters's picture

The logs have been removed. Be carefull of running anything blind as logs often wash down through here after large floods. The SECOND portage is now harder to as the last flood has removed a lot of the moss and ferns from the rocks on the side. There is a safer option of climbing higher through the trees then down to the rock ledge. Be carefull here, if you were to slip into this hole it could be serious. A throw bag handy would be a good idea. Boats have recirculated in here for ten minutes or more.