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Whitewater NZ launches new website

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Buy, Sell, Swap is now at

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Looks like its been given the go-ahead subject to a couple of conditions, sounds good.

Page 22 has the conditions (page 24 of the PDF)

hopefully they can suss funding without more council hand-outs

Confirmation email snippet below:

Auckland Council Annual Plan 2013/2014

Thank you for your submission to the Auckland Council draft Annual Plan 2013/2014.

A number of local and regional issues were proposed during the process for the public to consider and 3,894 submissions were received. The Council considered all submissions and on 27 June 2013, the Governing Body adopted the Annual Plan for the 2013/2014 financial year.

You may be interested to know the topic that generated the greatest interest was the proposal for Council to contribute to the Vodafone (previously TelstraClear) Pacific Events Centre Stage 2 development, with 2,500 responses. While there was mixed support, Governing Body deliberations led to the approval of the project subject to conditions.

Other topics that received significant feedback were the proposals to stop berm mowing in the former Auckland City Council area, removing the music download service from libraries, and the proposed changes to regulatory fees and charges.

In some cases, submitters also provided feedback on areas that were not specifically consulted on in the draft Annual Plan. These topics included fluoridation of the water supply, policy regarding genetically modified organisms, and the proposed SkyPath initiative.

In preparing the Annual Plan 2013/2014, the Council reviewed its operating costs and revenues with the aim of reducing the rate requirement to a level closer to the rate of inflation. This exercise was intended to refine budgets and establish savings without compromising our strategic priorities. There was strong support from submitters to lower the projected average rates increase from 4.8 to the 2.9 percent, which is reflected in the final Annual Plan 2013/2014.

For more information on these and other issues, view the Annual Plan 2013/2014 at your local library, service centre or local board office. The document can also be found online at, or you can request a hard copy by emailing The outcomes of the key consultation topics can be found in Volume 1, pages 21-24.

Thank you again for your participation in the 2013/2014 Annual Plan process.

Yours faithfully

Matthew Walker
Manager Financial Planning, Policy & Budgeting