looking for company / north island

Hey guys,

I come to NZ to experience outdoors. I started rafting and kayaking here, so i am looking for a company to do some stuff with white water on the north island

have a car and boat

I kayak grade 2 but want to learn to kayak grade 3 in future
My roll is half done :)

I am based in waitomo


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Hey, Im also keen for a paddle whenever. I live about 45 minutes away from Waitomo in Piopio but have a boat and transport so whenever anyone else is keen. My numbers 0275487730 and my names Josh.

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Give me a text or call and maybe you could join us on a few trips 0274964656

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Still looking for someone to paddle with :)


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I live in Okere Falls and am looking for people to paddle with as well. Would be cool to meet up sometime.
My number is 0220590272, I sent both of you a text.

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Hay i live in Tongariro National Park & am always keen 4 more friends. my number is 0212028156. ill give u a text if i get some free time & we can go 4 a paddle