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I'll be moving to Kerikeri with my family in December (no idea how much later the kayaks etc will catch up with us though), and was wondering if anybody here was from around there and willing to show a newcomer around/keep a friendly kayaker some company?

I'm not really after youtube material level rivers, and plenty happy to potter round whatever local stream there is, even if its a grade I, and anything up to a III/IV provided it's relatively forgiving- with kids and advancing age and injuries my roll has gone from fairly reliable but rarely practiced to highly dubious at best, so possibly need a bit of easy water first to work on the roll and get it back up to speed again. :) going by this site, I assume there's not much around Kerikeri and what there is tends to be flat(ish)? can live with that, as long as I get to paddle occasionaly, but would rather not be out exploring complete unknowns on my very own, regardless how flat and easy they might be.

would also be quite keen to try kayak surfing and be well happy for any company for a sea kayak tour as well if anybody's up for that.