New rapid on Rangitikei, Utiku-Mangaweka section

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From Melanie Grant:

"There is a new rapid on the Rangitikei, Utiku-Mangaweka section. About 2 rapids down from the virgin is a slip across the river with a tree in it, at higher flows it can be a grade 4, so if doing this stretch please be careful. If you are unsure check with somebody at the BP station at Mangaweka. Apparently it's difficult with a race boat maybe impossible, please can you tell your fellow paddlers. Thanks"


paule's picture

Its sweet now, although I think that a lot of people are running the wrong line. You need to be over on river right, thats right the side in amongst the boulders! If you have a better look, while the river is flowing in between boulders on the right it isnt actually flowing into them, unlike the left hand side....