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Well I read people posting warning about trees and such like, this year early season there are lots of new trees in the Murchison area, this isn't a new thing, it happens all the time, plenty of changes on the Glenroy in the way of tree action and the Mangles has a huge one about to enter towards the take out, so what we all need to do is treat ALL river runs as first descents and follow the safe rules of boating...which are....well there's many, but if you can't see the bottom of a line you are running take a look yes scout, even if it's only one person looking. It's not possible to list every tree and each grid reference.....the water levels are high and it's all good so go enjoy and have fun.


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I agree, it's impractical to list every hazard in every river, and all river users need to be aware that any river in NZ can change considerably.

Perhaps only major alterations such as landslips or blocked routes need to be published. There is now a new Safety Forum on the NZRCA which is the perfect place for this to happen.

Glenn Murdoch
Safety / Education Officer