Tongariro Tree Hazard

Hi all
A pine tree has fallen over the river just after a Grade 3 rapid. There's about 1 metre clear between the tip 0f the tree and the rock cliff you can paddle thru but it looks like an accident waiting to happen.
The raft guy we met there said it fell about 2 weeks ago & his boss keeps meaning to do something about it....
He reckons the rafts are going over the top of the tree at risk of puncture (and life, I say).

Unsure which rapid at present so just be careful.
Melissa Bardsley
Admin Officer
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It's on a straight run rapid about 2/3 of the way down Access10. I don't think the rapid has a name but you can see the tree from the top. The line down takes you clear for the tree, but you do need to keep clear of it.'s picture

I expect that it will be Access 10 but it would help to know what part of the 16kms we are talking about.

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what section on the tongas is the tree??