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The NZRCA will be making submissions to the below Reference group, seeking to have current access to and on rivers maintained.

If you have any views you think the NZRCA should be advocating, please let us know by the end of this week!

The flyer calling for submissions is set out below:

"Ministerial Access Reference Group Wants Public Input
The following is an abridged request from its chairman, John Acland, for public input into issues relating to public access to the seashore, lakes, and rivers and over private land.

The three general groupings of issues the Reference Group is looking into are:
 Access to the foreshore of lakes and the sea and along rivers (Often called the ìQueenís Chainî).
 Access to public land across private land.
 Accesses onto private land to better facilitate public access to and enjoyment of New Zealandís natural environment.

The Reference Group would like to receive written material from you about your thoughts and experiences relating to access issues.

Key points of interest are:
 The extent and nature of issues relating to access ñ including to waterways, the coastline and countryside ñproviding examples where possible.
 If there are issues relating to access, what you consider to be the causes.
 Potential solutions for addressing any issues identified by you.
 The likely social, cultural, economic and environmental impacts resulting from these solutions.
 With respect to access, what is your vision for the future?

The material you provide could cover relevant issues outside the five bullet points outlined above.

The Reference Group looks forward to receiving your views.

Mailing address is: Land Access Reference Group, C/o MAF, PO Box 2526, Wellington.
E-Mail C/o Mark Neeson or Grant King of MAF ( (

Deadline for submissions is 28th of March 03.