Visiting NZ

Myself and my girlfriend are looking to Visit New Zealand next year from about May through to September. Is there any / much boating in NZ at this time of year? If so is it only in a particular area or wide spread? I am looking to paddle at grade 4 to 5. If anyone could give me some basic info, I'd be most grateful



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One other thing. Visitors from the UK often find NZ grades a bit different from what they are used to. Some of our 3 or 3+, you may call a 4. Start a grade down on what you ultimately want to do if you don't want a rude shock! Fell free to e-mail me when you are closer to getting here. I live in Christchurch (central East coast of South Island), paddle mostly locally (but any where else I have time to as well) and can point you towards some good people in other areas too.

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Paddling is an all-year sport for some of us. Winter rivers are chilly though, so good gear is essential. Winter is when many areas receive most of their rain, so some runs can only be done with snow on the ground. August-September it starts warming up again and spring rain and melt pick things up a bit more. You will have no trouble finding things to paddle pretty much any region if you pick your time, watch the guages and get some local info.