Naki boaters

Im going back home to Tara's over summer for my break from polytec in chch. Just wondering if theres any boaters in the Naki keen to do some runs, (water dependent) as I don't know of any kayakers up those ways. Looking to paddle grade 2+ to 4, and always keen for a surf.
If your keen and up those ways drop me an e-mail
Cheers Duran

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Gidday Pete,
Stoked to hear theres a Naki crew charging up there! I've run the Waiwhakaio, Waiangongoro and Kapuni rivers over July and had alot of fun playing on the wave at the Normanby dam. I live in Normanby Sth Taranaki and will be back up those ways about mid November through to mid January, but without anyone to paddle with... I'm sure there will be some sort of rain during this time and would be really keen to meet you and your small crew and go for a paddle.

Cheers Duran

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Yes, there are some boaters up here in Taranaki and leave the swimming pool Kevin!!!!
The river up here range from grade 2 up to Grade 4 and we do paddle them, alot. The last 3 weeks the rain has been perfectly timed for the weekends, the rivers drop quickly, so been plenty happening. There is a small group of us that try to get out as often as possible and have found a couple of really cool runs apart from the ones in Graeme Charles book. Unfortunately summer is not the best time here for paddling, just gotta pray for a good dousing of rain. Usually I head off for big day trips to Wairoa, Rangitaiki, Tongariro Rivers.

Trust me, there is PLENTY to paddle if it rains.

Email me and let me know what dates you will be here and I can give more detail.


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sorry boy, you'll be workin all summer! you needn't think that you'll be leavin me with all the sh*# jobs! now get back to ur school work or i'll tell gwenda.
anyway, they only paddle grade 1 max up here, bit scared to do anything bigger.