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New kayaks cost.......??????????

I've looked at the swap sheet, but I am still trying to figure out what the price of a new creek boat (approx.) is in NZ as I decide on whether to fly a boat in. This is probably my most important question. I'd appreciate any information in this area. Are current designs available?

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We have most 2003 - 2004 model kayaks from all the major manufacturers in the shop right now.
New cost on creek boats ranges from $1650 - $2200 NZ
Prices are listed on www.kayakshop.co.nz

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If you are interested in long term rental in South Island email me at

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Thanks for the info. Any clue on long term rental costs? I know this one might be harder to answer.

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Bliss stick Huka $1650
Prijon Creeker 225 $2080
Liquid Logic Huck $2200
Perception Java $2199
All prices in NZ$
Most new models and makes of boats are available to buy or rent.

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