Fence over river on Waiau River, North Canterbury

There has been a bit of erosion on the left bank, some way (may be about 1km) below Marble Point that has left a wire fence hanging over the river. There doesn't appear to be any wire in the water yet, but as you can easily paddle under the fence, with the main flow hard against the left bank and well inside the "paddock", care should be taken.

Safe paddling,


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The WWCC paddled the Waiau last weekend, there is some fence in the river (couldn't see how much but one fence does trailed into the river), as well as a good length overhanging the river. The bank is still eroding. We didn't have any problems there but the hazard is still there. We had a great trip and really enjoyed the day out.



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Gidday, just wondering if anyone had paddled this section recently and weather the fence was still there / worse than before etc.

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According to Mike (in relation to beginners trips):
Paddled the Waiau yesterday.
The fence is not the same bit that was near the water at the start of the year. It is a bit higher up at that swirly bit. All the wires in the main flow, so very dodgy you would definately have swimmers in there with it. It's not hard to avoid for someone whose done a couple of trips but not a first timer.
Thrillseekers are in the process of trying to get rid of it. Affects about
4 farmers land. If you mucked up taking it out you would have about 500m in the water.
I would imagine at the next 500cumec flood (this happens frequently at this time of year) there will be even more in the river as the fence is right on the edge now.
At about 100 cumecs there is a right hand flow which avoids it.
Also: Probably won't be able to use Marble Point get out. It's private land and the farmer doesn't want the responsibility OSH, ACC etc. It means you have to go to Sharks Tooth which is quite a bit further for first time paddlers.

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The bottom two strands on above mentioned fence have now snapped and are trailing in the current. I suspect more and more of the strands will start snapping as the load increases and this will leave a huge mess in the water. Not sure what the farmer is hoping to achieve having all this wire hanging suspended over the river as the erosion is getting worse and worse.
This obstacle is approx 600m above Marble Point (or rafters take out).