Monkey Puzzle Solved and the Albert Burned

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Hi people,

Tyrone and I have had a couple of new missions recently. WE may have learnt something to make your trips safer.

We went into Monkey Puzzle Gorge on the Martyr River. The gorge is great fun. Be careful when coming from the top (we worked our way up from the bottom to check it all out) when the gorge starts get out and have a good look. There is an eddy above an unrunable drop that you could possibly commit to and have a lot of difficulty getting out of. Scouting through the steep section is best on the left. The gorge has two drops that are not going to be run very often if ever, a couple of grade 5 jobbies and some fun and funky 3/4 action.

We also poked our noses up the Albert Burn flowing into Lake Wanaka opposite Boundary Stream. Another beauiful gorge with some great boating. There is a very easy looking lead in to a 300m rapid with lots of drops, one of which lands on a nasty hard rock. We considered this section 5+ at an estimated flow of about 30 cumecs. We think it may be more runnable at lower flow but like always have a very good look. Then there is a nice section of grade 3/4 water lots of fun. After that there is a rapid with about 5 drops which will be awesome to run at the right flow. At our flow (30 cumecs) the last two drops had under cut rocks downstream of them which prevented us from running them. A minimum of two dudes or dudetes for safety required and one to paddle too... We believe that at lower flow the first of these two drops will clean up nicely and will complete a beautiful section of whitewater. The last drop may not improve very much and might only be run by people who don't mind the risk of caving a bit :-)

Tyrone and I would be grateful for any information that arises from trips on these rivers at different flows.