Motu details

Hey, Just wondering about the safety of leaving cars at the put in or take out of the Motu for a few days (or options). Is it worth doing if it's really low? times/hazards etc.

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We did the Motu a couple of years ago - left our cars at the get out but just made sure that absolutley nothing was in them and everything was open (glovebox etc). No problems then but I can see how it is a bit iffy. We had a raft and were struggling with low water levels until we got some rain. Be prepared to drag the raft if the water level is low. Definitely worth the effort though.

We also used the old Motu coach road - what a nightmare! Don't take it.

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Leaving cars at the put in should be ok as it's down a long shingle road in the middle of nowhere (farm access road etc). Depending of course where you put in - the further downstream the less flat stuff on day one.

But leaving them at the take-out will be dodgy in my opinion (theft and flood danger). Previously we have used shuttle drivers from the local community (no I don't have ph. numbers) who do the full shuttle for you - well worth it!. They will drive you to the putin, take ya car/s back to where-ever, and then either meet you or drop the car/s off at the take out (& if ya don't turn up then raise an alarm). This is the best option as the shuttle's a

Alternative is to knock on a farm door close to the takeout and ask them if it's ok to park for a few days on their property. We've done this before as well.

Think twice about using the old Motu coach rd as a shuttle route - looks quicker but not really. In fact think twice about doing the shuttle yourself - period!

As for flow - more water the better - too low and the first and last days paddle will be really tiring and long. On the first day - if you have a raft with you (and it's low) it may mean making the camp sites a very late event (not to mention wraps and running out of water if wrong line taken).

As for hazards - inspect, inspect, inspect. It's a river prone to frequent flooding and things can / will change between trips.