yikity yak club

Not sure if this is the right place to ask:
Wondering if anyone can tell me if the yikity yak club is worth joining? Im looking to meet like minded people (young / young minded).Had a bit of experiance paddling - but looking for people to paddle with (and enjoy the outdoors). Can anyone tell me if its worth the $300 to join?

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They are basically just covering their arses by making you do a skills course first. Its all good - I just wasn't aware of what other kinds of clubs were around.. now I am. Sweet as, thanks for the help.

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check out the following link:

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Can you tell us a little bit more about this club? what do you get for your $300? just sounds steep.

all good, good times.

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Ha ha - nope, not joking. Sounds like I might need to rethink it. Didnt actually know of any other clubs so just brought into the marketing..
Thanks for the input.

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dude i really hope your joking :-P

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Yikes - 300$? I won't bag what I do not know, but suggest something like Manukau CC (or what ever its new name is - paddled with them numerous times).

Suspect yikity yak has a commercial aspect about it.

But go for what suits your needs and budget.