Uper Waikato

Info sought on canoeing Waikato above Cambridge. Any help gratefuly received. James Read

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i have been up there via boat and it is scenic, gorge like with steep banks and a deep, dark flow. there are a few overhanging strainers etc to watch out for but generally ok for beginners, flows can change quite a bit depending of water released but that does not change things too much.

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There is a scenic grade I+ trip from the Karapiro Dam to the low level bridge in Cambridge.

I remember there being a big whirlpool eddy (very easy to avoid) at the top that was capable of swallowing a Dancer for a few seconds. You have to get your timing right though.

There was also one small wave that you could surf in long fast boats.

You can do some good seal launched off the jetty at the bottom too.

The Hamilton Canoe Club used to do beginner trips down there once in a while.