Hoki Film Fest 6-9 Jan

See "Off the water" forum or www.wetwestfilmfest.com for details

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Apology to Jo. Awesome event of the Wet West Film Fest. Great the work and time you put in. Understand about Thursday night. Can't wait to see what you come up with next year. Maybe you could have "Tiger Dancing" as a back up to mix in with the poetry.

thanks again for the great effort and time you both put in. Cheers

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Why advertise something that has tickets sold for it, which I brought back in November and then be unable to get into see the show.

Thursday night was appalling only 80 seats available yet hundreds of tickets sold for the show. For most people going to the Festival the kayaking movies would be what they wanted to see. To be told at 6.15 that you needed to wait for someone to come out so you could go in, what a joke. We waited till 7.00 by then over twenty more people were waiting. The main movies for kayaking weren't happening till 8.00 so who would of got in.

What about refunds on babysitting costs, petrol costs taking days off work driving from Murch and a wasted b**** night.

Get it right next year.