What runs in the winter??

Hey there,

My paddling buddy and I are planning a 3 month trip to NZ during the UK student summer vacation (June-Sept). We will be coming late June and leaving late Sept, just wondering if you could recommend any rivers which are particularly good in the winter?? We are both competent class IV - V paddlers. Ok word out for now, hope you can help.



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Depends on where you intend to spend most of your time (north island/south island) and what in. Being a north island boater mysef i think you would probably catch a flood at some point so creek boat. But kaituna and fuljames will be flowin for some good playing. Kaituna and fuljames are still quite warm. bring a good dry top and pogies if going to central areas

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There are a few nice rivers in the Wiakato region that are great with a bit of Flood water.

Mokau (III-IV)
Maingaotaki Upper (IV-V)
Maungaotaki Lower (III)

K-Gorge (III-IV)
Waitaphata Stream (III-IV)

Wairoa (IV)
Ngamawahine (II-IV)
Mangakaranga (V)

Take a look at for more info.