Looking for other canoeist in the Manawatu


I've recently moved to the area, from Canada. I brought my two canoes with me. One is a kevlar hull with cedar ribs, 16' "prospector", which is the canoe I use most. The other was my grand-father, built by native indians in 1927, cedar strip, cedar ribs, canvas hull. Sweet in the water, but a tad heavy to portage, and I'd not want to risk it on a trip, much less in rapids!

I haven't been in the water yet, as I'm unsure where to go, what's good to do. Would love to get in touch with local canoe enthusiasts in the Manawatu area to connect and ???

I've mostly done long distance solo wilderness tripping (up to 10 weeks). I don't usually run white just for the sake of hotdogging, though I'll run rapids if I encounter them on my trips :)

Anyway, any info would be greatly appreciated.