access 10 Tongariro

hello, does anyone have any info for this river that i should know about, been a long time since iv been down and its changed by the sounds of it

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Cool, thanks guys for that Info, Jimmy

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went down access 10 recently - no probs - all scoutable from boat, one tree across but rafters have sawn through and it is below water level on an easy piece of water. Enjoy.jimmy wrote:

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Hi Jimmy

AHHH! One of my favourite rivers. Stress free and beautiful scenery. Yes it has changed since the last couple floods last year. Some parts you will not recognise. Some of the channels are now more defined for kayaks and new rapids been created. Still a couple of shallow areas @ 16 cumecs but the rest is alot of fun. Check out the release dates in April - 30 cumecs. Should be a good weekend including access 14.