How low on the hurunui at mandamas gauge is too low to run the maori gully section of the hurunui

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The WWCC ran a trip on Sunday with over 30 kayakers and Hugh in his small cataraft, down from Jollie Brook to Seawards, with at least half of the group running Maori Gully as well. The flow was 19 cumecs and the upper half of the Jollie Brook to South Branch section was a bit boney but the rest of it was quite nice. The drops in Maori Gully were more pronounced, with some "new" rocks appearing unexpectedly but with the lower flow it was less pushy so it was easier to play on things without getting washed off. Buffer waves etc were quite a bit smaller. I think most people really enjoyed themselves and the last people were off the river by around 5pm (with a 9am start from the Belfast Tavern).

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Hello Ethan

I've paddled the gully from 14 cumecs up. The bigger the better but if its a nice day it's still ok if its low (I guess I'm not that fussy though). Ideally it would be over 25. Or over 50. Or more.