Paddling NZ

Hi all. I'm a Class III-IV paddler from the US and I'll be studying in Palmy for a semster once July rolls around. I'll have just finished up a spring on the north shore of Lake Superior, and I'll want to do some paddling once I get to NZ. Any suggestions on rivers close to Palmerston North? Anybody wanna paddle with me once I get there?



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You can probably count me in too for a week or so. I'm on 021 505 508, so look forward to hearing from you!


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go down to the manghau whitwater park its a mint run 600 metres long and wif a wave and sum mint play holes

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Go to mangahao river its in shannon about 20min drive from p-north. its feed off a power station and only flows some of the time, ring 06 3627588 to get flow of the tailrace. it has 2 new really good play holes so have fun and i might see you down there.

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Cool; how tough will it be to get there without a car? Should I bring all my gear and then rent a boat? Should I buy one for the season? Should I just wing it?

Also, is there anything real close to Palmy, after-class sort of stuff, either playboating or creeking?


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hey bro
just head to the River Valley lodge / Bliss Stick factory it's on the Rangitikei river about 1 1/2 hours from Palmy. It's a classic grade 4 river and the boys there will give you plenty of contacts. Basically, you paddle there, or jump in a van for the weekend and head up to Taupo / Rotorua or the central plateau. Emjoy.