Palmerston North Paddlers

Hello all. I'm a paddler from the US (Minnesota, specifically), with a pretty solid base of experience in Class III-IV whitewater, in river-running, playboating, and creeking. I'm flying into NZ around July 4 and will be going to school in Palmy through November. I'd really like to hit the water as much as possible. So, a few questions:

1. I'm planning on feeling things out, then shipping my gear if it looks like I'll be able to paddle a lot. Good idea?

2. I won't have a boat, but am hoping to either get a blem from Bliss Stick since thier factory is so close or maybe just work for them for a few weekends to earn money towards a boat. I have a creeker but I'm in the process of selling my playboat, since I'm starting to out-play it. Also a good idea?

3. Are there a lot of paddlers in Palmy or in the area? I need some contacts.

I guess that's all for now. Any advice would be appreciated, and hopefully I'll see some of you on the water this season.

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Get in touch man, 027 424 4606
We'll do something

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To where?
Maybe Mangahao today

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Any paddlers in the area who would be willing to carpool? I'd help pay for petrol.

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Castlepoint for surf perhaps.
It is 2hrs drive from Palmerston North on the east coast
Web surf reports on
The Mangahao Slalom Site is a half hour drive from Palmerston North out the back of the small town of Shannon.
The flowphone for the Slalom Site is 063627588 and you need to hear the last reading on the automated message.
Good flows = 11-16cumecs

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So I've made it to Palmy after spending a couple days around Rotoroua. This place is beautiful. I've been in touch with Bliss Stick about a boat, hopefully I'll be able to talk to them on Monday. What about transportation? Should I just make friends with paddlers who own cars? Is there any good surf kayaking on the coast near Palmy? What else should I know?

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Yo, your ideas don't sound too bad.
Repost when you get to Palmy mate.