full james access

you may be surprised to find a gate on the access road to Full james i know i was yesterday when we went and were told we needed permision to get to the car park...whats going on here we thought it was a reserve? the contractor told us the maori's were putting it up but there were no signs suggesting the need to ask permission.

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Unfortunately, the DoC land finishes well upstream of the Ngawaapurua Rapids (Fulljames). The NZRCA has been unable to meet with the landowners - a Maori Trust - and have been talking to the security company who are managing the access. This is what they told us:

The locked gate is there because the owners of the land are sick of large groups camping without permission, and with disregard for the land - eg no toilet facilities (apart from longdrops), rubbish etc. The landowners are worried about their liability for people's safety and apparently have only recently learnt of the death of the person who fell off the cliff at an Auckland University Canoe Club (AUCC) party.

One of the trustees visited during on the Sunday of an AUCC weekend (last April I think), which was the final straw.

They also had concerns about other non-kayaking related issues - hunting, house truckers, dumped cars etc.

We all know that the vast majority of kayakers respect the land and don't make a mess or disrespect the area, but it's too late now. We have to make our case to the landowners for some form of access.

The NZRCA will be exploring solutions, which may include approaching the landowners on river-left.

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Is there any update on this situation?
Just wonderin' whether the whole locked-gate thing is a permanent fixture. Obviously we're hoping that it's not...but supposing it is...what, if anything can we do to help ensure that there is SOME way for kayakers to continue access? And WHY? WHY has this happened?

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disregard last message. private property and trespasser signs now up and talkin to the rapids jet driver and hes saying it will be locked very soon.

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definitely, just looks like a stock gate, was there this morn, no problems. Didnt see any locks. Surprised you were told you had to ask for permission.

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could be a farming thing.
a frend of mine perents used to manage the farm that is next to the rapid.
hope its not an ongiong thing

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Yes, I heard about it yesterday and have contacted DoC for clarification. I know the Aratiatia Reserve runs on the true right from Aratiatia dam, but not sure how far downstream. I'll post more here when I hear back from DoC.