Makuri river changing course

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When I paddled this out of the way little creek a few weeks ago, we came across what looked like a newly formed channel/waterfall probably about one km from the end of the run. I scouted it and it was a clean 4-5 metre drop into a deep pool which myself and jimmy both ran. Now this rock in the area is papa or mudstone, very soft and this diversion shortcuts in the space of 10 metres what looks like about 5 or 6 hundred metres of a big loop of river. Crazy! If anyone has any recollection of this notch in the hillside forming, it would be interesting to know how quickly it formed. Also to see what will happen in the future. Its a funky wee creek, very tight and technical with a lot of tree and sieve hazards. A Huka or a topolino would be a good choice of boat. Happy boating!