Mohaka Source to Sea

Has anyone ever completed the entire Mohaka, source to sea, in one trip?
What is the highest point you can get in?
And what are the sections above the hotsprings, and below willow flat like??

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The section from Willow Flat to the sea is Grade 1-2 continuous flow in a steep sided gorge.

From the SH bridge to Te Hoe is Grade 2, then 2+ with a Grade 3+ drop near the end. Te Hoe to Willow Flat is grade 3 and 4.

Haven't done the sections above the SH bridge but they are supposed to be G2. Contact Hawkes Bay CC. They know it at all flows.

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I have often contemplated a source to sea on the Mohaka. However, access into the upper reaches is difficult. You could fly-in to the Oamaru hut (fixed wing or heli), which would put you at the true start of the Mohaka (Kaipo - Oamaru confluence), but I wouldn't recommend it unless the river is high. It would be good to start at the confluence of the Taharua Stream, but there is no access through Poronui Station. You can fly in further downstream - fixed wing to the footy field with Air Charter Taupo or helicopter to the Mangatanguru confluence with HeliSika. Footy field is about 4 to 6 hours above the hot springs and the Mangatanguru is 2 to 4 hours. Easy grade 2 to the hot springs.

I don't have any knowledge of the river below Willow Flat.