full james

hey guys im rather worried about wat iv been reading about the full james wats the deal on that is it still paddlible or are they being stink bout it

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respect, respect, respect
don't sh#t in your nest!

P.S go that auckland attitude that we all love so much

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Or walk along the river bank staying within one chain (approx 20m) of the edge of the water...

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Let's not dwell on the past; blaming people for past actions won't help resolve this issue.

Dialog has started between the NZRCA and the security company which manages the access now. (The land owners indicated that they didn't wish to deal directly with us, but to discuss the situation with the security company). The security company is pleased that their portrayal of the situation has been described on this site:
We hope to meet with them soon.

We'll let everyone know of any developments, but in the meantime please follow our advice to respect the closure. This means that, for now, you can't paddle at FJ unless you put-in on DoC land (near Rapids Jet) and organise access to a take out below the Tauhara North No. 2 Trust land.

Mike Birch

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I have read a couple of posts here that have got my back up and I will bite.

Firstly I have been a member of the Auckland University Caone Club (AUCC) since 1996. I am a senior member and have been thoroughly involved in Fuljames and other club expeditions. I agree we may have an aloof feel about the club from the outside, but there is a huge amount of people within the club bettering the club and the paddlers it produces.

AUCC members are invited to attend river safety and first aid courses and all senior paddlers have attended at least one of these. We are safe paddlers with better than average knowledge in rvier awareness. The club is young and we enjoy to party.

Now to the heart of the issue....being the centre point for the fuljames access issue.

For the past 4 years I have driven a bus to fuljames and for the past 4 years I have been last to leave the camp. Now I am very bossy and can be fussy on the point of pedantic.

For the past 4 years I have ensured that the campground is spotless. By Spotless I form up to 40 people into a line and sweap the campground from one end to the other. I then make sure, personally walking every metre, that ground is clean.

I have never seen the camp cleaner than when we leave it. I will dispute anyone that says otherwise and ask for them to have proof as I have the participants of my cleaning line to back me up.

To clarify a point here.

I was the person who spoke to the maori elder this year. I was polite, curtious and stated the postion that I believed we were in. That we were on DoC land. I have since learned this to be incorrect.

When I returned to Auckland I immediatly notified Mike Birch of the situation. I felt this was this best course of action as NZRCA is a strong association with the ability to work on this issue much better than I would be able to.

If you have any questions as to what happened I am more than happy to answer any of them. charleswinstonw@yahoo.com

What I really want to know is how the issue is going to be resolved and what can the paddling community do to contribute to the solution.


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hey im not getting at the party, sorry if it came off that way, its the clean up afterwards. The area was left in a mess THIS TIME and there has been an adverse kneejerk reation. What i am pointing out that it is a reoccurring situation where other paddlers have being left to pick up the pieces after bad relations between land owners and Uni canoe clubs. Canoe clubs are what alot of NZ kayaking is built on but over recent years there has been a drop in the amount of respect shown to the land owners landing other paddlers in the @!#$. Definintely not just an AUCC thing.

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Before you go partitioning blame make sure you know all the facts mate. AUCC has the utmost respect for the land surrounding Fuljames and our events there have a history going back 20 years. We always perform a thorough clean up, we keep a rubbish skip on site for our events and transport any remaining rubbish away using rubbish bags. We always leave the area as we find it. Sure we are loud, but its once a year and we are there for a party. I'm sure you were young once as well.
It's easy to make a scapegoat of our club, its hard to believe that students do anything more than drink @!#$ and screw. Remember there are a number of other issues related to this closure so it's a bit closed minded to put it all on us.

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They're not really being stink about it, due to the great party that the auckland canoe club threw there, and never cleaned up they closed the gates. Another great achievement by the university canoe clubs. Very similar to the situation at the middle mataki take out and the camp ground in murchison, that happened to be the University of Canterbury canoe club. Keep up the good work guys and we'll all have no private land to cross.
We all gotta be grateful for people like mick H and Dave R who are doing such good repair work with the locals!!