Murchison/Nelson Paddling in September?

I'll be on break from uni in a week and a half and I was looking for some paddling in Murchison or Nelson. I've got a Rad on the N. Island but I don't know if it would pay getting it to the south. Suggestions? I playboat to III+ and creek to IV+/V-.

Let me know if you'd be interested in hooking up; otherwise I may just end up tramping somewhere.

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Looks like I'll be headed to Christchurch this week to do some climbing at Castle Hill, but I'll definately be in the Murch/Nelson area at the end of October and through most of November; sounds like things will be a bit more in season that time of year.

Thanks all

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Mick at the Kayak school is back this weekend, you'll often find someone hanging
about there to paddle with, If not you might be able to convince me. I'm pretty much always home (in Murch, by the old bridge, on the banks of the lower Matak)
on the weekends.

Cheers, Rex

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i will go down south next week and will be there for a couple of months. my first stop is around nelson and than murchison.if you like , we can do some trips .

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prob won't have time to join you, but if your headin nelson ways make sure you check out the Wairoa (both sections are worth a look) at medium-high flow. or head to beautiful Golden Bay for a run down the lower anatoki at high flow (brown with logs), theres about three great waves if you get it right-should be sum rain comming. or the Parapara 4 sum great grade 4+/5 pool drops (you can walk in) or the takaka for sum grade 4 (as in the guidebook). sum great surf out the back of farewell spit (wharariki), sum nasty spots out there too!! if your after an adventure and theres plenty of rain around - g'bays the place to be!