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Motu Shuttle Drivers

Does anyone have a contact in Opotiki that does shuttle driving for the Motu?
A group of us are keen to paddle it at Easter but not so keen to do the shuttle and leave the cars by the bridge.
Email any advice to yldh2o@hotmail.com


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We offer a shuttle service either in our shuttle buses (max. 22), or supplying legal drivers - 0800motutrails (668887) or www.hireandshuttle.co.nz John

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We had a great time on the Motu over Easter. Motu Jet did the shuttle and jet boat pick up for us. there phone number is 07 3252735. Pickup was supposed to be at 2:00pm but at 3:00 we still had a wee ways to go to White Rapid. Nevill the Jet Boat driver came up and met us, I case we had had problems. A great trip down the river and the boat out at the end was a rush.

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If you contact Ranui bus company in opotoki they normally have some dude's who'll drive you up to the put in, look after your car and then pick you up from the end, I've used them twice and found it pretty good.
Good luck

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