Canuck wanting paddle partner(s) in February.

Hey there,

I'm a paddler from Winnipeg who has done some paddling (canoe, some kayak, top notch bowswoman, decent stearn, class 2-3, 2 week trips without seeing any other humans, besides my co-paddler). I'm backpacking and therefore won't have much gear (or vehicle). I'm flexible about where, how, when in February.

I'm the sort of person who spends time in nature to connect with beauty, not just for thrills (though I do love my regular dose of adrenaline).

If you have suggestions for a solo paddler in terms of day trips, renting, and ideal places to paddle, I'm open.

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hi actually thinking about it got a bit enthusiastic remembering it the ngauroro, it has some disadvantages 3 out of four times the river was way too low- it has to be run after heavey rain- dragged boats for 6 hours on 3 trips,mates complaining bitterly etc,we passed a crew who had given up and were helicopteriung out (expensive) and the grade is in honesty two most of the way( it gets very dry in there), the Mohaka is probably a lot better for a long trip i have done this too hot springs and a lot more water with really good white water near willow flat- and days on the water!'s picture

i know an amazing 6 day trip flying in to hut to start from taupo february is ok, its the ngauroro river needs water utter wilderness pristine forest and huts for 4 nights i have done it 4 times spo know where to exit last day is grade 4 mostly grade three very scenic