Cancelled Poutu/Acess 10 Release

What is the Wairehu playhole and how does this relate to the cancelled acess 10 release on May 5th?

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Wairehu playhole expected to be open at end of May 2007 but please stay away in meantime due to safety etc. Alan Bell

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The normal for of A10 is 16cumecs, the release flow is double that. The run is still paddleable at this flow, just bony. The play hole should be under construction now, not sure what the time frame is for completion.

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Whats the normal (not raining heavily) flow at access 10? When will construction of the play hole begin?

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The NZRCA negotiated with the power company that controls the Tongariro to have a play hole built on its canal out of Lake Rotoaira, on the National Park side of Tongariro. To help pay for it we forfitted a number of releases. The choice was between Access10, Access 14 and the Whakapapa release. As Access 10 flows all the time the NZRCA decided on this section. The power company is stumping up the rest of the money. It was a one off deal and if the hole lives up to expectations will be an asset to the region.