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upper waihohonu

hay does anyone know much about the upper waihohonu. photos or videos

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Upper Waihohonu is much harder than the Ohinepango. Happy to hit in season with some boaters, flows best from October to Dec.

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Clarification: Upper Waihohonu harder or easier than Ohinepango.
BTW Lower Waihohonu last Sunday with snow and ice on side of the river was fun! Same trees in same places - but more exposed.

Any kayaker/skier/boarders look me up if you have your boat and the mountains shut


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this description is for upper waihohonu, not the ohinepango. Thats a way easier trip and the commonly done trip.

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Check out Topo Map - From memory...

Ohinepango is a small tributary that meets Waihohono at the SH 1 bridge. These Guys are getting on at or below Waihohonu hut and running Waihohonu down to the SH 1 Bridge.

Many paddlers who do lower Waihohonu often run the last couple of drops on Ohinepango into the confluence with the Waihohonu then do the standard G3 waihohonu run.

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Hi mate even tho its called the upper Waihohonu its actually all on the Ohinepango stream correct? and s the Waihohonu at the main road bridge?


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wicked thanks dude.

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ok - level from main road bridge (at the moss line on upstream rocks) - The crew from H2Oadventures had it too low!
walk an hour with boat from the first bridge on the waihohonu track - use a topo map, where the track gets closest to river, bush bash (the river you put on is a tributary - 15 minute of mank only.
1st drop (Meltdown) scout from River Left - rocky lead in, easy boof,stay out of slot - there is another small drop in succession, you will get wet on this one but simple.
Next drop of note, Rock Stomp - scout river left, goes either side at higher flows (right best at a low flow), looks worse than it is, undercut river leff.
Next drop of note, Rib Breaker - simple 20 footer, take off speed, hit middle - autoboof - nothing below (scout is ledge river right).
The lunch spot is at nose breaker (or the pinch), and this is the only portage on the run (river left) - is a small drop but lands on rock (why bother?).
All good from here down to Finale Falls (sink hole) and Finale Gorge - it is the best drop on the run, but hard to land dry and can put you in an udercut on river left. Scout river left, and plug it - get up quick because finale gorge is at the outflow and it rocks (but all goes easy).
The finale rapid is down under main road bridge (watch this one, easy to be on you lid the whole way as the entry is awkward - you will see what I mean).

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Check out www. H20adventures.blogspot .com I have a Video and heaps of pic of the run. Just check out the older posts.

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get in. time. rapids what ever you got. e mail if you want

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Yep,lots, what would you like to know

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