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Aratiatia spillway programme change

Mighty River Power are changing their current spillway programme at Aratiatia rapids from 30min down to 15min. So for all those bold enough you now only have 15min to put on and do the deed. enjoy.

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and it takes about 10 mins to fill up so you'd need to time things pretty well, right??

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wow, google is just that good eh. Forgot to check the date.

Brendan wrote:

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sup bru
That link on your above post was from 12 May 2003 for times when energy supply was a concern.

Mighty river power called me couple days ago to let the NZFKA know of the new changes.
And yes Ryan it is for good. not just the winter.

They've had a review of procedures and they've found that most tourists who come to watch end up leaving after ten minutes anyway so they felt there was no need to retain the 30min release.

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this says 2 x 8min spills.

But also says its temporary - (with no time frame)

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Is that for good or just over winter?

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