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Hello my New Zealand Brothers,
I am trying to plan a trip down for mid-june for some paddling. I honestly don't care how cold it is, the North Fork of the Payette here in Idaho during the winter is (probably) colder. So, I was wondering if I could get a little help. I was wondering if there is going to be a whole lot of paddling around, the closer to Queenstown the better. Also, I was wondering if there is a group of solid paddlers around there or somewhere close by.

Thanks guys,

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Brilliant guys, thanks for all of the help.

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Hi Andrew,

If you're after gear to hire or buy then Element Outdoors in Queenstown has a small range of gear, better to bring you're own or if you want some newer gear contact PaddlerZone or CanoeWorld as Henry mentioned.

Mid-Winter paddling down here is almost entirely on the Kawarau River, grade 3-5 depending how keen you are. The Central Otago Whitewater Club has an annual mid-winter trip down the Roaring Meg section on the Saturday closest to the shortest day. (Around the 20th I think).

Get in touch when you're here and will probably be keen to join you for a paddle.


Antz - 021 721 770 / cumecmagazine @

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Theres a dealer for pyranha kayaks near there, but not a specific paddling shop. Your best bet is paddlerzone or canoe and outdoor world in christchurch. Or if your further north theres a shop in murchison otherwise your out of luck in the south island.

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Brilliant. Do you know if there is a paddling shop down there?

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You shouldnt have trouble finding people to paddle with round queenstown. Theres plenty of paddling round there, with the kawarau always on and then other stuff when it rains.