The take out at access 14

We were at access 14 release yesterday and the take out is almost unrecognisable from the last time I was there about a year ago. The floods have cut away the banks and those very easy eddys are gone. I didnt see the warning sign so it has possibly been washed away with the trees. The last possible take out spot seems to be in front of a massive log jam but we got out above this so not sure how much space there was in that eddy. I'm sure we need another or a better warning sign because if you have'nt been there for a while you probably wont recognise the take out .
Take care.

christhenomad's picture

05/05/11. There is a new sign at the take out. We managed to get out by it but got out of our boats further upstream & walked down. It's pretty shallow on the river left bank & we used the grab hold of a tree root to stop technique! It's definitely a wee bit dodgy so take care.