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Kayak Pyranha Inazone + all gear to start

Kayak Pyranha Inazone 230cm in good condition

All gear to start: (can be sold separately)
- Helmet - 40$
- Nookie skirt like new (size: deck-big / waist-SM) - 150$
- Palm life jacket (size XS/S) - 80$
- Nevis bluff paddle - 100$
- 2 air bags inside (1 like new) - 30$ and 20$
- Pyranha Inazone kayak - 400$

700$ for the all lot

Don't hesitate if you have any questions.


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Thomas39t's picture

Hi, I am not in NZ at the moment, I just gave your number to a friend who has my gear in Auckland, he should contact you soon, cheers!

Jadetheguy's picture

Keen on the helmet actually. my number is

Thomas39t's picture

Still for sale, it's in Auckland at a friend's place. You can give me your number by email and we can get in touch with my friend if you want to have a look. Cheers. Thomas

richabram's picture

Is this boat still for sale?

Thomas39t's picture

Everything is in Auckland

richabram's picture

where abouts is the boat

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