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Wanted mamba 8.1 or similar

Need to replace a boat that floated away. Keen on a Mamba 8.1 or something similar to that-looking around $1000 or so. Cheers

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Hi, I have a mamba 8.1 for sale $1000

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Still Looking......

Swiftyg's picture

Do you still have this boat for sale? Keen on replacing my mamba. Can you send pics to . Cheers

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If you could send some pics to that would be great. Cheers

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Not sure if you've tee'd something up, but I could be keen on acquiring a Mamba. Are you able to send some images to ? Cheers

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Hey mate I've got a mamba for sale for $1000. if you give me you details i send some pictures.

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Where did you lose your boat?

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