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Hi all,

I've got an awesome kayak for sale on trademe just now.
Please check it out and maybe put in a bid.

From the description:

This kayak is designed for surfing, either on big glassy river waves or the sea.

It was imported from Scotland when I moved to Auckland. I doubt there's another one in New Zealand.

This kayak has been down the Grand canyon and is designed really for big waves. You can catch any wave with this, it's very very quick. It will surf the smallest ripple! You can easily stay on a wave just by leaning.

If you like surfing slalom boats but are sick of the bow dipping, this will be a great boat for you. It paddles just like a slalom boat, turns fast, you can dip the back waaay down under the water. It's just great.

The rails aren't harsh, it's very comfortable in a river, doesn't catch edges. Rolls really easily.

I've been using it on the flat in New Zealand, just as it's nice to paddle and you don't fall out when you fall in. Didn't want to buy something you can't roll.
It doesn't have any major scratches, just the usual stuff.

3.5 meters long. Always kept indoors. I paid £800 for it in 2010.