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Pyranha SX6 playboat

A friend is selling my Kayak for me check out the listing for more details.


I bought this boat second hand in 2007 for $800. I was doing an outdoor education course at high school and though I would keep it up once I had finished. The truth is I didn’t keep it up and found that without other mates who were into Kayaking it wasn’t much fun.

It was awesome fun on the Hurunui river, New Brighton and Waimairi beach. It handled really well on the river and was really fun surfing waves. I was a complete beginner and the boat paddled like a dream, the boat rolls well and you can pull off some sweet tricks if you want to.

Selling because I’ve picked up too many other hobbies and haven’t used it in ten years. The boat is in good condition and comes with bladders and a spray skirt. A steal for someone looking to get into kayaking or an advanced paddler looking to do some more tricks.

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