It's time for us to leave New-Zealand
Can sent you more photos if you really interested.
We are based around Okere Falls. We will probably come back in Taupo around the 15 october, so we can drop the gear there.
(can arrange shipping but prefer pick up).

- Zet green Raptor 750$ nzd
- S/M Lifejacket Astral with the quick release 200$nzd
- M/L Lifejacket astral with the quick release 200$nzd
- S/M Strutter Sweet Protection 150$ nzd
- S/M Wanderer Sweet Protection 200$ nzd
- Select w1 split paddle carbon shaft Fiber glass Large Blade with 1 year warrant on it 300$ nzd (about 8 months old)
- 2 spray decks IR lucky Charm medium tube Large deck 200$nzd each
- Dry top Palm Element Orange XS (no gasket at the neck) 150$ nzd
- Brand new Dry top Palm Surge Red Medium 300$ nzd 1 year warrant (about 4 months old)
- Shambala small Sweet Protection 100$ nzd
- NRS shoes 8.5 us for women 40$nzd (can take off the pad to fit them with a drysuit)
- MEC booties 8 us 20$ nzd
- 2 throw bags NRS Wedge Rescue (16 meters) one green, one yellow 20$nzd each
If you keen to buy it as a kit, we can make you a deal. PM for more infos/photos. Can also text at 027-555-1570

justybrah's picture

Helmets still for sale?

laurence's picture

Hi, is the M/L astral greenjacket still for sale?

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Hey is the raptor still for sale?

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If the Raptor is still around I might be keen to give it a look. I plan on hanging out in Okere Falls for the next couple o days, and I’m on the lookout for a boat to buy

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is this still available?