Jackson Fun

For sale my Jackson fun. $900
Bought it new in 2014.
This model is the predecessor to the current 2015 Fun.
I have bought a rockstar and need some room for all my boats.
No cracks, welds, bad scratches or oil canning. Heaps of life left in it.
Comes with... happy feet, Sweet cheeks and Fun float in the back.
Fun (2010) Specs.
* Weight:  31 lbs / 14kg
* Length: 6′ 5″
* Width: 24.625″
* Height: 13.75″
* Volume: 56 Gallons
* Ideal Weight Range: 135-180 lbs.
* Cockpit Dimensions:  34.25″ x 19.75″

Email me if you’re interested bry.whiteaker@gmail.com

Bry's picture

Still for sale.