3x creekers for sale

Just having a cleanout of the shed and don't use these three yaks. All are priced at $500 each, no other equipment with them. Often go to the Kaituna so may be able to drop off at Okere otherwise pickup at the Mount

Kayak # 1:Pyranah h2 245. Old school creeker that would make an ideal first whitewater yak for a smaller person. Plenty of gravel rash and the outfitting could do with a tidy up but no repairs or major damage.

Kayak #2: Liqui Logic Jefe Boss. Good creeker for an average sized person. Normal amount of gravel rash but no repairs or major damage.

Kayak #3: Wavesport Diesel 65. Good creeker for a small individual but I'm 6'3" and still managed to jam myself in and paddle it down Kaituna so it's anything's possible. Fair amount of gravel rash but no repairs. Currently doesn't have a bug but duck tape seems to do a good job

Give me a call or txt on 027 668 9904 if you're interested in looking at any of them.