My kayak gear has been sitting in storage for a few years now so I have decided to sell it.
-Sweet protection Rocker helmet, size M/L, red. 1 yrs solid use, has superficial scratches but nothing deep and no hard knocks. $250
-Palm Ladies Luna PFD, size M/L, yellow. Comes with Palm 75cm cowstail. 1 yrs solid use, good condition. $200

I am in Dunedin until end of Dec then driving up to Waikato. Can possibly drop off on way if wanted.
Please ask any questions!

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Max Collier's picture

Keen for the Drytop! 0225901537

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Hey did the throwbag sell?

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hey, I potentially have someone interested in the throwbag but if it turns out they dont want it I'll let you know straight away! And yeah you can totally have the spraydeck.

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Hey is the throwbag still available? Would be keen for the spraydeck too :) 027 445 2229

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Hello! I’m super keen on your helmet if it is still available. I don’t currently have a phone number. My email is kellymariepearson@hotmail.co.uk