play hole on the mohaka



got works infrastructure to do us a bit of a favour and at the bottom of the te hoe run on the Mohaka we now hav a nice wee hole nd a primo lil green wave to play with. these are odviously only temporary so use them wile you can.
let me know wat you think

Cheers Matt

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Top stuff dude.'s picture


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these rocks were smaller then a couch and as soon as we get a bit of water in there(at the moment its incredibly low) the rocks will be out of there.

As for any notifactation we had run it by the guy whos "in charge" of the rivers in the bay area and he said as long as its not blocking the river or stopping rafts getting down its fine. And the local iwi blessed the site and did there thing and also had no probs with it.

Also as another note to local paddlers the guy who oringinaly did it had a look and sed it wasnt that great and decided to make it "bigger" so now its suposidly twice the size :D

but as i have said the Mohaka has a tendency to shift objects with no effort so it wont be there for ever.

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If all due process is followed it's cool to do this sort of thing I'm sure, but like you say Kayne if other parties are not involved who should be...'s picture

Did they "Plonk" a rock in or just move some stuff around?? Matt says that it is only a temporary thing?

I agree that pushing some big arsed rock into the water is not on but the slight movement of a few rocks that will replace themselves shouldnt harm the ecology. But in saying this did anyone consult the local iwi?? Was a consent required? We must be careful that we dont over step our bounds. It could turn around and bite us where we dont want it. (What if they do it to us without notification)

Remember it is the Mohaka, that changes daily all by its self, all that broken sandstone etc. The degradation of this type of rock is fast and therefore the bed is ever changing.

Good on you Matt for being proactive I just hope that the work that was done was of a temporary nature as you say.

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It's neat to have play spots but isn't sticking a rock in a natural (as opposed to already altered eg by a dam) watercourse not much different from removing one? If we want to be consistent with our objections to the removal of Rock A on the Rangitaiki then it seems a bit two-faced to go and plonk a rock in somewhere else.