NRRP Chapter 8 public comments due This friday


Has anyone look at Chapter 8 (beds and margins of lakes and rivers) of the NRRP for Canterbury.

Should we be making any submissions on this chapter especially as people are discussing affecting river bed features such as Rock 'A' up north which may happen sometime in Canterbury. What you reckon Ian?
Also I am thinking about concerns about making rock weirs using rocks obtain from beds i.e. Rangitata, thus removing the large rocks which we require for making river runs interesting.
Also I am thinking about fencing around rivers and my concerns about fences in rivers and fences which have fallen into rivers. As a group of us had a not so nice experience with some fencing in the Boyle not long ago.
Hopefully I can time to check
Haven't read the chapter yet myself as I have just remembered about it now. Hopefully I can read during lunch tomorrow.
However you can get a pdf copy of the Chapter at the following url with a copy of a submission form



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ECan has no mandate on public access issues - the queens chain was a great idea, it is a pity it was barely implemented.

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Could be that since there are rumblings on high about public access issues that ECan shied away from it. Or maybe it's dealt with in general somewhere else?'s picture

I have had a read (my printer is just getting over the task of 63 pages) and cant see that there is too much wrong. They have taken into account most of what the recreational users want. One thing of interest is the failure of the plan to address the public access issue. It is within the scope of the plan but only dealt with inside the CRPS.
But being friday I suppose its all a little late.

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Was unaware of it too Tim. Hopefully club and NZRCA conservation officers have commented if needed.

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Also just thinking about possible future alter of river beds for flood protection as in the removal of natural weirs and flumes as has been talked about in Otago with Smith Falls and some bluff