Heli access in Wilderness areas!


hey does anyone know someone I can conatct about find any info on helicopter access in wilderness areas in terms of policies and plans


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There is no restriction on kayaks in wilderness areas.

Helicopters are allowed for park management purposes.

If you want to avoid kayaks and helicopters, you need to do something like caving, not go to a wilderness area.

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Are you just meaning by helicopter, or are you going to be kind enough to share some track space with those of us who walk in to rivers too?

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why do you think we have wilderness areas? its so that people can enjoy WILDERNESS which does not involve helicopters and kayaks. go kayak somewhere else and let other people have their own recreational experiences

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Hey Ben, and to anyone else who might read this... I know from experience that if you obtain a permit at the local DOC department to the wilderness zone you wish to access which enables you to hunt Thar (wild mountain goat regarded by DOC as a pest to the highlands) then you will obtain a landing right within the wilderness area. It's the only grey area in the DOC scheme that I have been able to manipulate to my advantage for kayaking purposes. You may just need to slip a little 'persuasion' to the local helicopter pilot to encourage him to fly you in on a false pretence. Good luck and happy hunting!

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What exactly do you want to know? The Management Plans for each National Park will designate landing sites, or since Wilderness Areas ban helicopter landings outright you need to know the boundaries (unfortunately, DoC doesn't provide these in any accessible form - you need to contact each conservancy and ask for a map).

Or you can contact the local chopper pilots - they know where they are permitted to go in terms of their concession.