Hydraulics Life Jackets


does anyone know if there is a web page for hydraulics life jackets

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try www.hydrualics-nz.com for all the hydraulics info you could possibly want.

i own a river pro pfd (the rescue one). primo as, so comfortable can fit knife, saw, food, prussik, slings, biners, everything into the pockets (including the one on the inside).

i have a medium which was a little too big, took it in see dave and claire in murch and they fixed it all up.

i rate it pretty high, well worth a look if your wanting a new pfd.

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Please send me an email (grayson@mountainbuzz.com). I'm writing up vests for pubication.


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Hi Ben, just checking river conservation news and saw your email.
We don't have a site yet, but should have by sometime Nov,
you can buy our stuff at Canoe Outdoor World in Christchurch or the NZ Kayak School in Murchison. And by Mid October you will also be able to buy our stuff through Fergs Wellington and Auckland and Sunspots in Rotorua. Our latest rescue vest will be in the stores beginning of Nov and will retail for the same price as last years vest $350
Want anymore info give us a yell :-)

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Try contacting them through NZ Kayak School in Murch. I saw them there. Awesome vest. very ergonomic.

didn't have the cash at the time. ($350)

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Nah, they dont have a web site, they only havea 021 number i think, did have it but no longer. awesome life jackets thou!